The Studio

Our 1,500-square-foot video production office in Trinity, Florida, is our creative castle. Here, we brainstorm creative ideas, coordinate productions, film in-studio productions for clients, edit videos to perfection, and everything in between.

Our Video Studio

We encourage each of our clients and partners to tour our studio. With movie-quality lighting, sound-proofing, and a customizable backdrop in-studio, we’ll capture your message and bring a level of professionalism that others can’t.

Our Storytelling Tools

If you’re going to tell your brand’s story, it has to look stunning. Our studio houses the highest-quality video production technology to help your brand stand out.

  • High-end Canon cinema cameras
  • Hollywood-ready lighting
  • Rigs for smooth, graceful moving shots
  • Ultra high-definition drones

Videos We Shoot In-Studio

Not every video production can be shot in-studio. But whenever needed, our video studio is there for our partners to use.

Client Testimonials

Put satisfied customers on-camera to share why your brand is so great.

Products & Services videos

Quick explainers that can help your audience clearly understand what you do.

FAQ videos

Pop in-studio to answer a common question about your company.

Employee Portraits

Humanize your brand by telling the stories of the people who make it go.

Our Office

The JL Video office is not just a studio. The creative castle is a meeting space for our clients to chat about ideas and goals, and a workspace for our production team to make those ideas a reality.

Vision Room

Here, there are no bad ideas and no dumb questions. This is a free-flowing creative space to dream big and gauge your business goals. When you visit our offices, we’re going to make you at home here, strategizing on ideas and an actionable plan that will grow your business.

In the Vision Room, we will help you define what success looks like for you, so we know the goals set forth in the project. We like to dream big here and often say, “If budget weren’t an issue, what would you want to do?”

Director’s Den

All of our executive planning and marketing are done here. This room ensures everything is running smoothly behind-the-scenes at JL Video. Our stakeholders and managers meet here to strategize new, out-of-the-box ideas that keep JL Video evolving. There’s always room to improve; here, we make it happen.

War Room

In the War Room, we hash out all the pre-production planning. From scriptwriting to storyboarding, this is the first place we take ideas and make them reality.

Our dedicated staff put their nose to the grindstone to always deliver your project on time. The team frequently communicates with our clients to let them know how their video is progressing. This is also the room where scripts, shot lists, and storyboards for our productions are created. Lots of creative aspects and details of each project are worked out here.

Editing Suite

This is where our post-production wizards take creativity to the max. In the editing suite, our raw footage is morphed into captivating experiences for your brand with color grading, sound design, and visual effects. This editing suite has everything our editors need to produce stunning videos — including the latest technology, video editing software, and desktops.