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What are SMART Goals for Video Marketing?

What is a SMART Goal? Are you posting the smartest videos you can? When it comes to your brand’s video marketing strategy, you want to have SMART goals set — and we don’t just mean goals that are intelligent. What SMART goals come down to five attributes that every video marketing strategy should follow. Each letter […]

Why Add Captions to Videos? Complete Guide, Benefits, Tips

Today we are talking about the silent hero of video: captions and transcriptions. Your viewers might be in a meeting, a car, class, or even sitting on a toilet when they watch your video. Wherever they may be, you want to make sure you don’t hinder their ability to get the most out of your videos. […]

Creating the Perfect Client Testimonial Video

How does a video production company create the perfect client testimonial video? We follow a proven three-step process to ensure we get compelling and powerful client testimonial videos for our clients. We call it the  PSA system — or problem, solution, appeal.  Keep in mind, this three-step process is not industry-sensitive. Therefore, if you’re in […]