Case Study:

Duke Energy

We documented every phase of Duke Energy’s tower replacement process in the Safety Harbor bay area for shareholders and future employee training.

Project Overview


Duke Energy



Project Length:

8 weeks


Electric Power

Video Produced:

Service Video — Internal


New electrical towers needed to continue carrying electricity over the bay, to keep the lights on in thousands of homes.

Duke Energy called for every aspect of the tower replacement process to be documented to share with shareholders and train future employees. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Duke Energy’s production team — based in North Carolina — couldn’t travel to Tampa. That’s where JL Video came in to film the entire process.


From the sky via helicopter, the water via boat, or at the project base, the video production was agile to capture every moment.

The final result of the production was dozens of hours of footage, working with everyone on-site to capture the process, from helicopter pilots to steel fabricators to a water construction team. After post-production, the final video came in at 3 minutes, 42 seconds.

The Duke Energy team was so happy with our work and the final video that their marketing team will use the way we shot and edited as their new standard.

“We do projects every year across the country. This was the most documented project in the country, as well as the nicest and highest-produced video we’ve done.”

— Duke Energy