Video marketing has quickly become the marketing go-to, as corporations large and small have seen its effectiveness to capture audiences. With professional video marketing, businesses are finding a significant increase in their return on investment. Video has become king. But how much does corporate video production cost?

Ultimately, how much your business should spend comes down to your overall marketing budget. When it comes to individual video productions, costs can range from $2,500 to $100,000 or even more.

Video Production Budgeting

How much does corporate video production cost? Well, the true answer is, it depends. Corporate video production can range anywhere from $1,000 for a simple video or professional video editing to over $50,000.  With such a wide range it can be difficult to try to budget accordingly. Well, we want to introduce you to the budget model for video marketing.

The Bucket Model

The bucket represents the annual revenue of your business. In this example, the annual revenue is $5 million and from that revenue, 10 percent  — or $500,000 — should be allocated as your marketing budget. With the rise in social media usage across all generations, the importance of digital marketing is steadily increasing and should be reflected in your annual budget. Over half of that 10 percent should be reserved for digital marketing, rather than in-person events.

Ultimately, that means about 2-3 percent of your annual revenue should go into video production and marketing.

Factors that influence Video Production Cost

The reason for the wide range in video production costs is that there are many different factors that can contribute to the final price. Most importantly, the quality and experience of the video production studio you’re working with can influence the cost.

For JL Video, most of our video projects cost a wide range to produce, anywhere from $2,500 to over $100,000. However, for a video project where our team is on-site, the common video production cost ranges from $10,000-$25,000.

Type of Video

Is this a product or service promo? Or are you filming testimonials? The type of video you intend to film will have some influence over the price as it affects factors such as the length and location.

If you’re doing a brand overview or a video about your office space, you need to decide how many employees will be shown. The more people, the more complicated and expensive the production can become. Based on the type of video, a video production team may need more hands and rentals for the set, props, and equipment. And, for larger productions, don’t forget the catering!

Not sure what video to film? Check some of our blogs such as three video content ideas for business. The first thing to consider is what do you want the video to do for you and your business? That can help decide what will be most effective to reach your goals, and a professional video production company can help with that.

Length and Location

The length of the production is another big contributor to the final price. Obviously, a two- or three-minute video will most likely cost more than a 30-second teaser. However, you should also consider what is being filmed and where.

A video with different settings will require more editing than a video that has an established backdrop. Additionally, a video production company may need to rent out space for the live production or move from location-to-location. Suddenly, that simple 30-second video is more complex if it needs to be filmed in five different locations. Ultimately, when it comes to the length of the video, the time and skill it takes to edit the video are what you’re paying for.

Professional Editing

Often many forget about the extra touches that come with creating a professional video to make it look great. These editing features can be anything from editing hair and make-up, narration, and licensing fees for music. No matter what kind of video you are filming, you’re going to find the fees for this added editing.

That being said, these editing features and hours poured into making it look great can switch a video from something cheap to a more expensive, but also more-recognized, video marketing campaign.

If you’re going to spend the money on a video production, don’t try to skimp out on special effects. If you want the video to capture your audience and increase click-rates, quality is key. Ultimately, once again, the cost for editing will change depending on the type of video in production and the experience editors have.

Trust the Video Production Professionals at JL Video

JL Video is an award-winning video production company in Tampa, Florida, telling creative stories that customers remember. We’ve worked with billion-dollar companies such as Duke Energy and 3M. When it comes to investing in an experienced and professional video production team, look no further than JL Video.

Whether you’re looking for a video production company to film or edit your video, we can help you reach your goals with video marketing. Contact us today to discuss how we can move your audience to action with video.

By including videos in your marketing strategy, you can boost content engagement, SEO, and tell stories that customers have never heard before. But it can be difficult to generate video content ideas for business without a dedicated creative in your office.

A study revealed that 88% of businesses that incorporate video marketing find an increase in their return on investment. But how do you incorporate videos into your marketing strategy? Here are three video content ideas that are essential for every business to start with, and what we recommend to our clients, from local businesses in Florida, to massive clients, like Duke Energy.

1. Brand Overview

Videos are a great asset to add to your website as it expands your reach and supplies the audience a preview of your business. Nearly 85% of companies invest in video marketing for their business. Perhaps the number one essential video to include in your website is a brand overview.

A brand overview will allow your audience to become familiar with what you do and why you do it. Keep it short and direct, anywhere between 30-90 seconds. Additionally, discuss your passion for what you do, why you do it, and what sets you apart. This can be a truly memorable experience for your audience that sets you apart.


“Talk about things like your purpose, beliefs, mission, and your vision. Get them behind the why — the movement of what drives you and then the who and the what will follow after,” said Jordan Lung, the CEO of JL Video. “You are going to find that the buy-in or the belief in you is far greater when you talk about why you do what you do.”


2.Client Testimonials

Client testimonial videos are a great way for consumers or potential clients to get to know what past partners felt about your collaboration. With a video testimonial, people don’t only read how effective your business is — they get to see it from a happy customer.

These video testimonials should start by communicating a problem your business solved for a customer.

“Communicating the problem creates curiosity, empathy, and engagement, because the viewer wants to know what happens at the end of the story,” Lung said. “Secondly, we want to know what the solution was that fixed the problem. What was that experience like?”

Often, this insight is the tipping point for clients to make the decision to go forward with your business. You want the videos to be professional, but still tell a story, your client’s story, while also providing brand awareness. Video testimonials are critical video content ideas for businesses.

3.FAQ Video

Produce creative and informative content to retain the audience’s attention. Creating short frequently asked question videos of about 15-30 seconds will give you an opportunity to share it with your email campaigns or post it on your social media platforms.

Not only will it put your products or services front and center, but it can give granular insight that may not be seen any other way.

In addition, a HubSpot study revealed that 54% of consumers want to see businesses incorporate more videos. Use this as an opportunity to interact with your followers. Use and respond to the FAQ from your social media accounts. Then, include the videos on your website and link to your social media accounts. This is just one way that FAQ videos can be used to generate customers for your business.

Capture your Audience with JL Video

We’re JL Video, a video production company Tampa. We’ve produced videos for billion-dollar brands, helping them connect to their audiences throughout the entire country. We produce engaging, professional, and creative videos that tell a story, generate revenue, and build brand awareness. Schedule your free consultation with one of our team members to begin your project today.

Part of investing in video marketing for your business is understanding the importance of professional video editing. Professional video editing can turn average video into something your audience can connect with.

With modern video editing software, it’s easy for anyone to call themselves a video editor. Just adjust color settings and add some fluffy transitions, right? Well, when it comes to your business, it’s best to leave it in the hands of professional video editors with experience in video production.

This way, you know your video production is going to be on-brand and form lasting memories for your audience.

How Professional Video Editing Captivates Customers

Video editors can turn a good video for your business into a great marketing tool that will attract and retain customers. Maybe it’s just a quick video from an iPhone. Maybe your business knows how to take professional videos, but has no experience with video editing software.

Well, that’s what professional video editors can do for you. Professional video editors have years of experience producing on-brand video experiences for businesses. Making a professional video takes time and editing that video to be successful takes even more time and skill.

Professional Video Editing Software & Equipment

Visual marketing and entertainment is the most effective domain for professional video editors. Not only will their creativity bring your video to the next level, but their expertise will provide a reliable return on investment. Video editors bring a creative angle to your project and transform it from a moving image to a story that the audience connects with.

Professional video editing takes tremendous technical skill and an eye for detail. Hiring a professional means that you get access to rather expensive video editing software and technology.

You don’t have to search up what’s the best video software to download and teach yourself — the professionals will have the best software prepared. After all, nothing is more distracting or unappealing than a video with bad audio or visual quality.

Save Time & Money

Editing a video can take a massive amount of time when you have to learn everything you’re doing. And even then, it can be difficult to create something visually-appealing from the start.

If you’re just trying to cut costs then expect a cheap final product that may not even provide a good ROI. That’s a waste of time and money that you can’t get back. Hire a professional video editor and not only will the work get done quickly, but it will also be completed with better quality that goes beyond expectations.

In addition, professional video editors understand the video marketing industry and know what tricks will work for expanding your video’s reach.

Lastly, video editors’ experience allows them to be prepared for any situation or technical issue that would otherwise delay your team. Don’t waste your time and money with a video that is too embarrassing to share when you can invest in a professional video editor to create the best footage to fit your needs.

Video Editing with JL Video

Video editing services from JL Video are perfect for creating:

  • Timelapses
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs
  • Commercials
  • Tutorials
  • Event Videos

No more time spent trying to learn video editing software on your own. Whether it’s a testimonial, FAQ, or brand video — our high-quality post-production services can help your brand tell its story.

We take your raw video and give it all the touches it needs to make your business look great. Contact us today to learn how our team of professionals can create and edit a video to best present your brand.