The Telly Awards

The Telly Awards are a collaboration of ad agencies, video production companies, and businesses all across the country to compete and receive awards and accolades for their hard work. Many large brands you see on TV and social media compete alongside local companies. Most video production companies won’t receive more than a few telly awards in their existence. After this year, we’re now a 16-time telly award-winning national video production company.

FSPC, “Game On”

We collaborated with the Florida Sports Coast team to create this promotional video to highlight the incredible facilities we have to offer. This video serves to showcase the various sporting arenas and venues that sports teams from not just Florida, but from all across the country can utilize.

We were awarded four different Telly’s for this video alone:

  • Silver in Sports for Branded Content
  • Silver in Budget under 100k for Branded Content
  • Silver in Promotional for Branded Content
  • Bronze in Travel/Tourism for Branded Content

Our mission was to create a video that feels larger than life and creates hype. Both visual and audio effects were instrumental in communicating a feeling that there is a force calling and pulling at the audience. The beauty of this video is that it is evergreen. It can be used to promote Florida’s sports facilities at any time. 

Director: Jordan Lung
Videographer: Johnmark Thomas
Videographer: Justin DaSilva
Grip: Griffin Foxworth

Ardian Zika, Campaign Video for Representative of Florida 

Award: Silver in Political Campaign

A story worth telling is a story that captivates. With cinematic music and dramatic shots, our goal was to communicate a sense of nostalgia for yester-year, and evoke our communal dream for a better tomorrow. Aptly titled Moving Forward, we cover Zika’s history, incredible drive and dedication to building a brighter future. 

Zika originally hails from Kosova, and, knowing he would not be able to build the future he wanted in this communist culture, migrated to America. We incorporated shot styles where in one moment we see Zika gazing out his window, presumably reminiscing on his journey, to cuts of America’s storied past and present. In this way we’re able to draw a bridge between the past and the dream of tomorrow. With hardwork and dedication he is helping to build a brighter future. This video is just a few minutes long. Zika ended up winning his race for a House of Representatives seat!

Duke Energy, “Get Powered Up”

Award: Silver in Corporate Image

For this production, our team set out to document every phase of Duke Energy’s tower replacement process in the Safety Harbor bay area for their shareholders and future employee training.

From the sky via helicopter, the water via boat and at the project base, this video production was calculated to be agile in order to capture every moment. The final result of the production was dozens of hours of footage, working with everyone on-site to capture the process, from helicopter pilots to steel fabricators to a water construction team. After post-production, the final video came in at 3 minutes, 42 seconds. 

The Duke Energy team was so happy with our work and the final video that their marketing team will use the way we shot and edited as their new standard.

Director: Jordan Lung
Videographer: JohnmarkThomas
Videographer/Editor: Justin DaSilva
Videographer: Griffin Foxworth

Final Touch Drywall, “Stay Plastered, My Friends”

Awarded: Silver in People’s Telly

We developed this video concept from the ground-up. When the idea of doing a spoof video of the “most interesting man in the world” hit us. The “Dos Equis man” was another element of inspiration with his famous tagline, “Stay thirsty my friends.” Shot inside of Final Touch Drywall’s warehouse, this was a labor of love and became an opportunity for us to build our first ever set for a production. Our client, Justin McPadden, became a set designer when he built the 15’ x 15’ set, with three walls, each dry walled, painted and textured to fit the production’s vision.

This award is particularly special. Our video was voted on by tens of thousands of people from all across the country! This is the only category where people can vote on submitted videos. Each of the other videos we won awards for were voted on by a panel of various professionals in the film industry. We’re proud to have won these awards not only from professional judges and experts, but from the public as well. 

Director: Jordan Lung
Videographer: Johnmark Thomas
Videographer/Editor: Justin DaSilva
Videographer: Griffin Foxworth
Talent: Regan Weiss, Brittany Lung, Tiffany McPadden

Big Storm Brewery, “Key Lime Shandy”

Award: Silver in People’s Telly

The mission for this video was to make the product seem elegant, trendy, inviting and refreshing. Our team set out to impress Big Storm Brewery with our in-studio capabilities and show how this kind of content would attract their audience and encourage a lot of engagement. We planned this production with a lot of thought in order to execute the intricate details and strategic vision our team had for Big Storm. From visual to audio effects, we flexed our creative muscles in some really big ways. 

We used heavily dramatic lighting, turntables, and even various dye’s, fish bowls, seashells and sand to make our vision come to life. This a rewarding video in and of itself, and to receive a People’s Telly Award for our efforts is just icing on the cake.

Director: Johnmark Thomas
Videographer/Editor: Justin DaSilva
Videographer: Griffin Foxworth

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