The Motivation

At JL Video, our team is always looking for the next opportunity to challenge ourselves, hone our skills and showcase just how epic our videos can be. This season we filmed the J.W. Mitchell High School football team. Through utilizing new equipment, our entire production staff and collaborating with the Mustang football team, we were able to produce a video that captivates, energizes and inspires it’s viewers. 

The Execution

In developing the concept for this video, we wanted viewers to feel as if they are right there alongside the players; training in the weightroom, getting amped in the gym and fighting for a win on the field. 

We then developed a shot-list, or a detailed outline videographers use to plan who all is involved and what the goals of the project are. This helps inform the production team and the clients on what the vision for the project is, and enables us to shoot efficiently. 

In scenes where you see a lot of movement, we structured the shutter settings to create a fluid blurriness to the movement of the shots. This way, the action is more realistic to how our own eyes process movement, which contributes to the viewer’s ability to feel “present.” Push-in shots also add a dramatic flair and draws you into the action.

Lighting was a key element in setting the tone for this video. We integrated different lighting techniques to create high-contrast layers and definition to produce striking imagery. LED lights played a large role in accomplishing this!

The Firsts

There were a number of firsts for the team in this production. This was our first time incorporating an LED wall, a wireless video transmitter and a cold spark machine into a video production. All of these components were used to help create the epic, almost war-like mood of the video. At different points you see the players clashing in the foggy haze we manufactured, LED lights lightning-like in the way they create stark flashes of contrast against the players’ silhouettes, and sparks flying as the players hit the field. 

  • Fog machine
  • LED Wall used in conjunction with Fast Breaks Entertainment (12’ x 8’)
  • Teradek Wireless Transmitter
  • Cold Spark Machine

We created a motion animation video using logo animation, with grunge and textured elements to play behind the football players. 

The Teradek Wireless Transmitter enables the director to move around a shoot freely, view what’s being filmed in live time, call the shots accordingly, and make sure that he and videographers are on the same page. The director can also show clients footage and adjust/direct accordingly.

The Endgame

In producing this video, everyone on the team was able to flex their creative muscles and work together to create something fantastic. “People can think about videos and how to create them,” says Jordan Lung, CEO of JL Video. “But it’s another thing to actually know how to visualize it before you get into that environment. It really just speaks volumes about the talent and core of our team and the way we work and dream together.

We are a team of high-achievers, always on the look-out for opportunities to level-up.

We’ve come far, but we’re just getting started.

Huge shout-out to our incredible team and clients!

Jordan Lung: Director
John Thomas: Cinematographer
Justin DeSilva: B-Camera
Griffin Foxworth: Lighting and Grip
Madi Starkey: Photography
Marlee Johnson: Photography
Phil Basik: Visual Effects Operator
Anthony Izzo: Account Manager
Coach Andy Schmitz: Client Liaison
The J.W. Mitchell High School Mustang Football Team

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