It’s impossible to deny: far too many personal injury law videos on the web are garbage. The Internet is jam-packed with one lawyer after another talking about their big courtroom victories, how much experience they have, the money they have recovered, phony reenactments, and cheesy courtroom appearances. Today, we’re going to talk about why lawyer videos suck, but more importantly, how to make them better with incredible results.

Hey guys, Jordan Lung here with JL Video. In a crowded marketplace full of personal injury lawyers screaming, “I’m the greatest”, what can you do to differentiate your video content from the pack?  Be different. And that’s exactly what we are here for: to help \ell your story and how it has led you to where you are now.

When it comes time to shoot the first video for your firm, we recommend creating a brand story video. In this video, you need to share what makes you passionate about your job and communicate that to your audience. Your video shouldn’t be a documentary. Rather, it should be a relatively short story – 2 minutes or less – that resonates with potential clients. Remember, the attention span of consumers is ultra-limited and you need to get to the point fairly quickly. You’ll want to mention things like: how did you get into your practice, what drives you to do what you do each day, and how does it make you feel seeing positive results in a settlement for your clients. You should pull at the heartstrings of your audience. You want them to know you.

Another video that is extremely helpful and necessary for your firm are client testimonials. These need to be about 1 minute long, shot in your office, beautiful outdoor scene, or their house. You’ll want to know what happened, what injuries your client sustained, the treatments undergone, and most importantly, the process why which you were able to give them a positive outcome. You’ll want to shoot b-roll footage of you guys talking, smiling, showing concern and care. You need to show shots of you working hard behind the scenes, fighting for your client. These are incredibly helpful clips that will build a compelling story.

With clients telling their own story and experience in working with you, potential clients will be inspired and gravitate towards you and your firm. Your clients are telling real stories about how you solved complex legal issues for them— you saved them and their family from catastrophe and they want the world to know. Video marketing is the best face-to-face conversation you can have with your audience. This avenue opens up a line of communication that is invaluable.

I hope this info was helpful and you, as a lawyer, are able to stop making ineffective videos. If you got some value from our chat, I’d love you to smash the like and subscribe button and share this video on your favorite social media platform. If you think you’d like to talk to us at JL Video to produce videos for your firm, contact us at See you in the next video!

If you got some value from our chat, please smash the like and subscribe button and share this video on your favorite social media platform. See you in the next video! JL Video produces videos for all types of brands trying to connect to their audiences in the greater Tampa area and the entire country. Throughout our portfolio, we’ve worked with businesses across every industry.

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