It’s a universal consensus that no one wants to look awkward on camera. But sometimes that awkwardness is difficult to fix – this is because the pinnacle of your body language, hand motion, is a science you don’t tend to think about before hitting record. Stick around to learn five easy tips that will give you a professional, inviting, and hospitable personality on camera – all by improving the use of your hands.

Use your Hands in general –

Exceptional communication is two things: self-maintained charisma and knowing your audience. Both can be easily gratified by knowing that there is a psychology to your hand gestures – one that will either make or break your charismatic connection to your listeners. If you cross your arms, you set yourself up for failure by closing yourself off and communicating disinterest. However, open your hands to your audience, extend your arms, and notice how you exude a sudden warmth and hospitality. An energetic, engaging connection will be quickly established, a bond of trust will be sparked by your confidence, and your audience will be hooked.

Be comfortable with how you’re speaking with your hands –

This is a tough one, but it’s also necessary. To become comfortable with speaking with your hands, you have to practice. For hand motions, the best way to do this is by rehearsing in front of a mirror… or recording yourself and watching the tape playback. You’ll be able to see things in a mirror you wouldn’t otherwise see, make quick fixes right there in the moment. However, by taking that harder step and recording yourself, you will be able to look back with 20/20 hindsight to make changes you may have even missed in the moment. These may be difficult things to make yourself do – but watching yourself practice speaking with your hands and looking back at that recording are the lesser of three evils; you don’t want to risk looking stale in the final product.

Use your hands to emphasize your main points –

A hand gesture can be as simple as the turn of a wrist from where your hands are folded at your waist; you can count up on your fingers, extend your arm for extra emphasis, and even gesture to an item or a given example. Draw the attention of your audience to what you want them to see and remember.

Use your hands to contrast points –

In the same way, your hands can help create a contrast between your points. Paired with vocal pitch and tone, you can gesture left and right with each shift as though weighing a scale. I can say, “[Gesture] Well, we could buy this Sony A7X… OR [Gesture; higher pitch] we could go for the Canon C500 mark 2.” In that way, you’re swaying the mind of your audience to feel a certain, positive way about the Canon C500 mark 2 by relating it to a happier, far more emphasized perception.

Hand Placement –

I’ve seen it all – people standing with their hands behind their backs like a soldier; be at ease. People putting their hands in their pockets: looks sloppy. I’ve seen people have their hands at their sides like they’re penguins and I’ve even seen people put their hands around their belly. Whether you are sitting and have a table in front of you or standing with only you and the space around you, there is always something you can do with your hands. Fold them on your lap, if there is no table, or on the tabletop if there is one. Will you show your wedding ring? Which hand will you place over the other? Do you cup your hands or lace your fingers? And if you are standing, where do they go then? The easiest answer for that one is, folded at your waist. Not intertwined, not playing with any rings or bracelets you may wear, but there and prepared to gesture naturally as you speak. Hand placement will lead to the ultimate success of the other four points and will make or break the professionalism your audience sees in you.

Hand motion is one of the most staple-piece aspects of video marketing and communication quality, and these five tips will ensure a stronger, more confident presence as you connect with your audience. Keep them in mind the next time you record a video. If you’ve got some value from our chat, I’d love you to smash the like and subscribe button and share this video on your favorite social media platform. Also, I’d love you to schedule a discovery meeting with us to begin your video project. Click the link below. See you in the next video!

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