So, what’s the deal with Instagram Reels? How are they used for business and optimized for success? Stick around for this quick video where we dive into Instagram Reels. Hey guys, Jordan Lung here from JL Video. Since it was first launched back in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites in history. A big part of the platform’s success has been its ability to change and grow in line with the times. This is an elemental maneuver for success, in most, if not all, industries, but particularly in social media.

Even when competing brands like TikTok have begun to emerge, Instagram has always known the right ways to respond and the platform has launched a great new feature known as ‘Instagram Reels’. The Reels feature for Instagram was launched back in August of 2020. Instagram marketed it as a new way for users to create content, and the feature was instantly compared with TikTok… for a good reason. Instagram’s format allows users to record and edit 15-second videos with audio, special effects, and so much more.

You can edit multiple clips together into your Reels and share them with friends and followers via your Feed, or even make them available for public viewing in the entire instagram community if you prefer. Using this feature is quick and easy. Users simply need to select the Reels option on the Instagram camera and then check out the various features to film their videos straight from the app or upload previously recorded clips from their devices. You can choose songs from the Instagram library or add your own audio, as well as trying out vibrant augmented reality effects, timers, countdowns, different speed settings, and so on. Now we’ve educated you on what all Instagram Reels have to offer, but why should you use reels? This feature is fairly new for the Instagram community, but there are many reasons to implement this feature to engage with, boost your audience, and amp-up your business/brand’s marketing strategy.

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