This type of video shows your client talking about your brand and about the experience of working with your company. They help a lot when you need to build brand trust, and they’ll inform your target audience of how great your product is! These videos work great in the final stage of the buyer’s journey: the decision stage – because they’re meant to close deals. The fact is that 85% of consumers look for reviews online before they buy a product. So, the best move you can make is to take advantage of this fact and start the conversation yourself! So, here are some tips: 

Make your video as natural as possible.

One of the first things you should be thinking about is to give your professional customer testimonial video a feeling of authenticity, make it natural, credible and believable. Focus on capturing a natural response of your interviewee.

Don’t script it.

For it to be authentic, it needs to have authentic answers. Don’t write a script, let your interviewee use their own words. (Let them show their love for you in their own way!)

Put your customer testimonial video into context.

Whether you’re shooting your video in a store, your restaurant, or an office, make sure to show some context in your testimonial. Show your viewers around, and it will add richness to the story you’re telling them.

Prepare your questions in advance, but listen to the responses you get.

It’s important to be prepared. Go to your interview with your questions written down, but remember to relax a bit and let it become a conversation.

Listen to what your interviewee is saying so you can ask follow up questions, and don’t be afraid to let the conversation go a little bit off track, sometimes that’s where you will find the greatest content.

Give your interviewee some time to prepare.

It’s good if you give your interviewee the questions you’ll be asking them in advance, so they have time to prepare. But it’s even better to give them just a general idea of the topics you’ll be covering in the interview: this is so they don’t get tempted to practice the answers too much, as it will make the conversation robotic and unnatural.

Layout a general structure for your video.

It can be a storyboard or just a general layout of the structure you will follow in your professional customer testimonial video. By doing this, you will be able to film some insert takes to use as an example of what’s being said during the interview.

Include some pain points of your clients.

What were the issues your customer was struggling with when they found your product? What was their problem, and how did your brand and your product help them solve it? Go ahead and edit! Do it wisely. During the editing process, you’ll be glad to have some extra footage to choose from. When video editing, choose the best takes of your interview to create a video with good rhythm and of a correct length for web usage, but always stay faithful and honest to what was said in the interview. Include the insert takes you planned during the layout to make a dynamic and interesting company testimonial. If you follow these tips you’ll have great testimonial ads, ready to upload to your webpage for the delight of your future customers. Maybe you feel a bit scared to ask for feedback, but don’t be! Your customers are already happy with your product, so ask them to participate, it’ll be easier than you think!

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