In this video, we feature the CanonC500mii camera body, Sigma 18-35mm F1.8, Anton Bauer XT 150VM, Teradek Bolt LT 4K 750, and Atomos Shogun Inferno 4K. We shot this in our studio over a black background with a small amount of light shooting through our Aputure spotlight and lighting filter. We wanted to make a really moody video with cinematic lighting and a pinch of red to accentuated the features, as well as tie into our branding. The camera rig was positioned on a rotation turn table so it would spin perfectly. Our team started the shot with it fully assembled, then disassembled it carefully so the rig wasn’t moved. Our editing team cut the video in reverse so the rotations would cut seamlessly into the next frame with gear on, making it seam like the camera was being built.

We love camera gear! Our team likes to geek out on the latest and greatest video production equipment because it gives us an opportunity to dream bigger and be challenged to think differently. Our industry forces us to not be satisfied with the status quo. To be current and modern, we must incorporate the newest advancements to be successful, and ultimately give the client the best possible experience!

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