The Motivation

At JL Video, our team is always looking for the next opportunity to challenge ourselves, hone our skills and showcase just how epic our videos can be. This season we filmed the J.W. Mitchell High School football team. Through utilizing new equipment, our entire production staff and collaborating with the Mustang football team, we were able to produce a video that captivates, energizes and inspires it’s viewers. 

The Execution

In developing the concept for this video, we wanted viewers to feel as if they are right there alongside the players; training in the weightroom, getting amped in the gym and fighting for a win on the field. 

We then developed a shot-list, or a detailed outline videographers use to plan who all is involved and what the goals of the project are. This helps inform the production team and the clients on what the vision for the project is, and enables us to shoot efficiently. 

In scenes where you see a lot of movement, we structured the shutter settings to create a fluid blurriness to the movement of the shots. This way, the action is more realistic to how our own eyes process movement, which contributes to the viewer’s ability to feel “present.” Push-in shots also add a dramatic flair and draws you into the action.

Lighting was a key element in setting the tone for this video. We integrated different lighting techniques to create high-contrast layers and definition to produce striking imagery. LED lights played a large role in accomplishing this! 

The Firsts

There were a number of firsts for the team in this production. This was our first time incorporating an LED wall, a wireless video transmitter and a cold spark machine into a video production. All of these components were used to help create the epic, almost war-like mood of the video. At different points you see the players clashing in the foggy haze we manufactured, LED lights lightning-like in the way they create stark flashes of contrast against the players’ silhouettes, and sparks flying as the players hit the field. 

  • Fog machine
  • LED Wall used in conjunction with Fast Breaks Entertainment (12’ x 8’)
  • Teradek Wireless Transmitter
  • Cold Spark Machine

We created a motion animation video using logo animation, with grunge and textured elements to play behind the football players. 

The Teradek Wireless Transmitter enables the director to move around a shoot freely, view what’s being filmed in live time, call the shots accordingly, and make sure that he and videographers are on the same page. The director can also show clients footage and adjust/direct accordingly.

The Endgame

In producing this video, everyone on the team was able to flex their creative muscles and work together to create something fantastic. “People can think about videos and how to create them,” says Jordan Lung, CEO of JL Video. “But it’s another thing to actually know how to visualize it before you get into that environment. It really just speaks volumes about the talent and core of our team and the way we work and dream together.

We are a team of high-achievers, always on the look-out for opportunities to level-up.

We’ve come far, but we’re just getting started.

Huge shout-out to our incredible team and clients!

Jordan Lung: Director
John Thomas: Cinematographer
Justin DeSilva: B-Camera
Griffin Foxworth: Lighting and Grip
Madi Starkey: Photography
Marlee Johnson: Photography
Phil Basik: Visual Effects Operator
Anthony Izzo: Account Manager
Coach Andy Schmitz: Client Liaison
The J.W. Mitchell High School Mustang Football Team


This type of video shows your client talking about your brand and about the experience of working with your company. They help a lot when you need to build brand trust, and they’ll inform your target audience of how great your product is! These videos work great in the final stage of the buyer’s journey: the decision stage – because they’re meant to close deals. The fact is that  85% of consumers look for reviews online before they buy a product. So, the best move you can make is to take advantage of this fact and start the conversation yourself! So, here are some tips: 

Make your video as natural as possible.

One of the first things you should be thinking about is to give your professional customer testimonial video a feeling of authenticity, make it natural, credible and believable. Focus on capturing a natural response of your interviewee.

Don’t script it.

For it to be authentic, it needs to have authentic answers. Don’t write a script, let your interviewee use their own words. (Let them show their love for you in their own way!)

Put your customer testimonial video into context.

Whether you’re shooting your video in a store, your restaurant, or an office, make sure to show some context in your testimonial. Show your viewers around, and it will add richness to the story you’re telling them.

Prepare your questions in advance, but listen to the responses you get.

It’s important to be prepared. Go to your interview with your questions written down, but remember to relax a bit and let it become a conversation.

Listen to what your interviewee is saying so you can ask follow up questions, and don’t be afraid to let the conversation go a little bit off track, sometimes that’s where you will find the greatest content.

Give your interviewee some time to prepare.

It’s good if you give your interviewee the questions you’ll be asking them in advance, so they have time to prepare. But it’s even better to give them just a general idea of the topics you’ll be covering in the interview: this is so they don’t get tempted to practice the answers too much, as it will make the conversation robotic and unnatural.

Layout a general structure for your video.

It can be a storyboard or just a general layout of the structure you will follow in your professional customer testimonial video. By doing this, you will be able to film some insert takes to use as an example of what’s being said during the interview.

Include some pain points of your clients.

What were the issues your customer was struggling with when they found your product? What was their problem, and how did your brand and your product help them solve it? Go ahead and edit! Do it wisely. During the editing process, you’ll be glad to have some extra footage to choose from. When video editing, choose the best takes of your interview to create a video with good rhythm and of a correct length for web usage, but always stay faithful and honest to what was said in the interview. Include the insert takes you planned during the layout to make a dynamic and interesting company testimonial. If you follow these tips you’ll have great testimonial ads, ready to upload to your webpage for the delight of your future customers. Maybe you feel a bit scared to ask for feedback, but don’t be! Your customers are already happy with your product, so ask them to participate, it’ll be easier than you think!

Film your Commerical with JL Video

JL Video produces videos for all types of brands trying to connect to their audiences in the greater Tampa area and the entire country. Throughout our portfolio, we’ve worked with businesses across every industry.

Our experience, courtesy, and knowledge are what will take your video to the next level. Contact us today to learn how we can take your concept and turn it into a marketing success.

There are many reasons businesses decide to shoot a commercial video such as advertising on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or cable TV, or maybe embedding the commercial on their website. Commercial video production is a must to reach a wider audience and help them connect with your brand.

But if it’s your first time working with a professional video production team for a commercial it might seem a bit daunting. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re ready for commercial video production.

Cost & Contracts

With a contract, everything for the commercial video production is laid out and clearly outlined. Transparent communication from both ends are crucial to make this happen.

This should typically include a project summary, terms and conditions, schedules, ownership rights, confidentiality, scheduling, and often much more.

Be sure to read the contract carefully to make sure that you are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities as a client. In addition, you’ll want to include the rounds of revisions for your project in the contract before getting production started. This will help avoid any additional fees due to out-of-scope changes or revisions.

Commercial video production costs can vary depending on several factors such as video length and depth of editing.

Commercial Video Production Planning

So you’ve gone through the contract and have officially signed for your video production. Now you’re on to planning and building the scope of your project. While you may be eager to jump straight into production, this phase is instrumental for a smooth production process.

During this stage, you’ll be working on building and finalizing the concept of your video. This means determining the message that you wich the video to portray along with the script and storyboard.

Will the video include actors or coworkers? What location will it be filmed in? What will the people wear or do?

Here are just a few of the people you’ll work with during this stage at a video production company:

  • Account Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Producer
  • Script Writer
  • Director of Photography
  • Editor
  • Sound Designer

The more information you provide during this stage the easier it will be for the production team to do their job.

Luckily, a quality video production company should learn about your brand and story before the production starts. This should make it easier for them to translate your brand into commercial video production.

Many video marketing agencies use a project management system to keep them organized and connected with their clients which are typically completed during this phase.


The production phase is one of the first glimpses of your vision coming to life and is often very exciting. This is where all the details and thorough planning implemented in the previous phase will pay off.

Each production team will vary in terms of how they work and the steps they take. However, a professional agency will have a highly structured process and excellent communication. This includes production timelines and deadlines.

You should receive a shooting schedule to help you keep up-to-date with their filming process. If it’s not provided, ask for one.

While different agencies may approach this phase differently, you can expect to see all hands on deck as the team focuses on providing a smooth production.


The editing phase is where the magic happens. During this post-production stage, the professionals will spend hours customizing the video footage to perfection. Editing can including anything from music selection and licensing, voice-over syncing, and audio adjustments.

The editing phase is where a professional production team really shines and demonstrates their expertise. You can expect continuous communication during this process for constant reviews and final approvals. Once editing is completed you will have received your final product- a corporate video designed to reach your marketing strategies.

Film your Commerical with JL Video

JL Video produces videos for all types of brands trying to connect to their audiences in the greater Tampa area and the entire country. Throughout our portfolio, we’ve worked with businesses across every industry.

Our experience, courtesy, and knowledge are what will take your video to the next level. Contact us today to learn how we can take your concept and turn it into a marketing success.

Video marketing has quickly become the marketing go-to, as corporations large and small have seen its effectiveness to capture audiences. With professional video marketing, businesses are finding a significant increase in their return on investment. Video has become king. But how much does corporate video production cost?

Ultimately, how much your business should spend comes down to your overall marketing budget. When it comes to individual video productions, costs can range from $2,500 to $100,000 or even more.

Video Production Budgeting

How much does corporate video production cost? Well, the true answer is, it depends. Corporate video production can range anywhere from $1,000 for a simple video or professional video editing to over $50,000.  With such a wide range it can be difficult to try to budget accordingly. Well, we want to introduce you to the budget model for video marketing.

The Bucket Model

The bucket represents the annual revenue of your business. In this example, the annual revenue is $5 million and from that revenue, 10 percent  — or $500,000 — should be allocated as your marketing budget. With the rise in social media usage across all generations, the importance of digital marketing is steadily increasing and should be reflected in your annual budget. Over half of that 10 percent should be reserved for digital marketing, rather than in-person events.

Ultimately, that means about 2-3 percent of your annual revenue should go into video production and marketing.

Factors that influence Video Production Cost

The reason for the wide range in video production costs is that there are many different factors that can contribute to the final price. Most importantly, the quality and experience of the video production studio you’re working with can influence the cost.

For JL Video, most of our video projects cost a wide range to produce, anywhere from $2,500 to over $100,000. However, for a video project where our team is on-site, the common video production cost ranges from $10,000-$25,000.

Type of Video

Is this a product or service promo? Or are you filming testimonials? The type of video you intend to film will have some influence over the price as it affects factors such as the length and location.

If you’re doing a brand overview or a video about your office space, you need to decide how many employees will be shown. The more people, the more complicated and expensive the production can become. Based on the type of video, a video production team may need more hands and rentals for the set, props, and equipment. And, for larger productions, don’t forget the catering!

Not sure what video to film? Check some of our blogs such as three video content ideas for business. The first thing to consider is what do you want the video to do for you and your business? That can help decide what will be most effective to reach your goals, and a professional video production company can help with that.

Length and Location

The length of the production is another big contributor to the final price. Obviously, a two- or three-minute video will most likely cost more than a 30-second teaser. However, you should also consider what is being filmed and where.

A video with different settings will require more editing than a video that has an established backdrop. Additionally, a video production company may need to rent out space for the live production or move from location-to-location. Suddenly, that simple 30-second video is more complex if it needs to be filmed in five different locations. Ultimately, when it comes to the length of the video, the time and skill it takes to edit the video are what you’re paying for.

Professional Editing

Often many forget about the extra touches that come with creating a professional video to make it look great. These editing features can be anything from editing hair and make-up, narration, and licensing fees for music. No matter what kind of video you are filming, you’re going to find the fees for this added editing.

That being said, these editing features and hours poured into making it look great can switch a video from something cheap to a more expensive, but also more-recognized, video marketing campaign.

If you’re going to spend the money on a video production, don’t try to skimp out on special effects. If you want the video to capture your audience and increase click-rates, quality is key. Ultimately, once again, the cost for editing will change depending on the type of video in production and the experience editors have.

Trust the Video Production Professionals at JL Video

JL Video is an award-winning video production company in Tampa, Florida, telling creative stories that customers remember. We’ve worked with billion-dollar companies such as Duke Energy and 3M. When it comes to investing in an experienced and professional video production team, look no further than JL Video.

Whether you’re looking for a video production company to film or edit your video, we can help you reach your goals with video marketing. Contact us today to discuss how we can move your audience to action with video.

By including videos in your marketing strategy, you can boost content engagement, SEO, and tell stories that customers have never heard before. But it can be difficult to generate video content ideas for business without a dedicated creative in your office.

A study revealed that 88% of businesses that incorporate video marketing find an increase in their return on investment. But how do you incorporate videos into your marketing strategy? Here are three video content ideas that are essential for every business to start with, and what we recommend to our clients, from local businesses in Florida, to massive clients, like Duke Energy.

1. Brand Overview

Videos are a great asset to add to your website as it expands your reach and supplies the audience a preview of your business. Nearly 85% of companies invest in video marketing for their business. Perhaps the number one essential video to include in your website is a brand overview.

A brand overview will allow your audience to become familiar with what you do and why you do it. Keep it short and direct, anywhere between 30-90 seconds. Additionally, discuss your passion for what you do, why you do it, and what sets you apart. This can be a truly memorable experience for your audience that sets you apart.


“Talk about things like your purpose, beliefs, mission, and your vision. Get them behind the why — the movement of what drives you and then the who and the what will follow after,” said Jordan Lung, the CEO of JL Video. “You are going to find that the buy-in or the belief in you is far greater when you talk about why you do what you do.”


2.Client Testimonials

Client testimonial videos are a great way for consumers or potential clients to get to know what past partners felt about your collaboration. With a video testimonial, people don’t only read how effective your business is — they get to see it from a happy customer.

These video testimonials should start by communicating a problem your business solved for a customer.

“Communicating the problem creates curiosity, empathy, and engagement, because the viewer wants to know what happens at the end of the story,” Lung said. “Secondly, we want to know what the solution was that fixed the problem. What was that experience like?”

Often, this insight is the tipping point for clients to make the decision to go forward with your business. You want the videos to be professional, but still tell a story, your client’s story, while also providing brand awareness. Video testimonials are critical video content ideas for businesses.

3.FAQ Video

Produce creative and informative content to retain the audience’s attention. Creating short frequently asked question videos of about 15-30 seconds will give you an opportunity to share it with your email campaigns or post it on your social media platforms.

Not only will it put your products or services front and center, but it can give granular insight that may not be seen any other way.

In addition, a HubSpot study revealed that 54% of consumers want to see businesses incorporate more videos. Use this as an opportunity to interact with your followers. Use and respond to the FAQ from your social media accounts. Then, include the videos on your website and link to your social media accounts. This is just one way that FAQ videos can be used to generate customers for your business.

Capture your Audience with JL Video

We’re JL Video, a video production company Tampa. We’ve produced videos for billion-dollar brands, helping them connect to their audiences throughout the entire country. We produce engaging, professional, and creative videos that tell a story, generate revenue, and build brand awareness. Schedule your free consultation with one of our team members to begin your project today.


How often should you be posting new social media video content? If you’re a business owner, marketing director, or social media manager that wants to connect to your audience more effectively, you need to be posting social media video at least weekly!

Gary Vaynerchuk is an authority on brand communication via video. Vaynerchuk says: “You need 100 pieces of content each day!” You’re probably thinking, “Yikes! That’s a ton of content. How in the world can someone expect me to do that? You’re insane!” You’re not far off in thinking that.

However, if you think about it, we’re in a time where content is so easily created. Your smartphone is one of the most powerful tools ever created by mankind. That is the easiest place to start. It’s accessible — most people have one — and can be a great resource to quickly show what’s going with your business.

On the flip side, having video professionally produced is extremely affordable and having it marketed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin is even more affordable. People want to be entertained, educated, and engaged with. Good video is literally the best way to do so!

How to Start Posting More on Social Media

So, let’s make a real-life example. Let’s say you own a dermatology clinic. You are seeing hundreds of patients each week. Look at those patients as potentials for social media video content: case studies, client testimonials, frequently asked question videos, before-and-after videos, tutorial videos, day-in-the-life videos, staff highlight videos, equipment “shot-off” videos, and so on.

These can all be cut up and posted on social media. 100 pieces of content per week now looks fairly attainable.

Now, where do you put those pieces of content? There should be videos and photos being posted to Instagram and Facebook stories, and potentially even TikTok. Additionally, you can have well-polished videos produced and uploaded on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin posts. The big question you must answer is: “How much do you want people to talk about your business?” Think about it! Content is king and consistency is king. Content gets people talking.

So, when asking how often to post new social media video content, you should be asking: “How fast do I want to grow?”

Why Post Social Media Video?

Video is a machine and, when harnessed correctly, can generate tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions in revenue. Many of our clients at JL Video are on a one-off basis with us. We create the video and they market it online. Other clients post new content we create each week and a few times per month. Here’s why: video is at an all-time high, and will continue to grow as the most connectable source of media. People want to engage more with videos.

Do you like to see your marketing dollars go to something that will generate an incredible ROI? Obviously, yes! Videos are 1,200% more sharable on social media over pictures and text posts. So that begs the question, “What marketing asset do you want working for you?” Video is the way to go and the best way to drive revenue and brand awareness is through consistent videos with valuable content.

Trust JL Video for Social Media Video

JL Video produces videos for all types of brands trying to connect to their audiences in the greater Tampa area and the entire country. We produce engaging, professional, and creative videos that generate revenue and build brand awareness. Schedule your free consultation with one of our team members to see begin your project today by clicking here!


The Benefits of Embedded Videos

Businesses are always trying to improve their sales funnel, but one component they may not be investing enough in is incorporating embedded videos. In the current state of digital marketing, embedded video is an essential part of business that can set your brand apart and increase revenue.

Here are a few reasons why you should include embedded videos in your sales funnel, from email marketing to landing pages.

If you don’t know why video should be a large part of your sales funnel is, I highly suggest watching our video breaking down the video sales funnels.

Simply, you want to attract your audience to secure customer engagement with your product or service. There are many ways businesses can improve their approach to their sales funnel and embedding videos is one effective way. Well-produced video gets the customer’s attention, forms a memorable relationship, and, in turn, grows your sales.

Attracting your Audience

HubSpot MarketingOne of the first steps in the sales funnel is getting customer attraction. See the HubSpot funnel diagram, which shows how attracting the customer is the first step in any marketing strategy.

In a study completed by Hubspot, 54 percent of people stated they wanted more videos from marketers. As a business, you want to start by grabbing your audience’s attention. There’s no better way to do this than by including embedded video in your marketing.

Embedding lets you share your video, or someone else’s, and display it on a web page. Statistics show that Google is more likely to list websites that include an embdedded video on the first page of results. Embedded videos on a landing page increase conversion rates by 80 percent and encourage customers to interact with your brand.

Increase your website’s traffic with relevant videos to boost your conversion rates; these videos should be concise, clear, and engaging. Viewers are more likely to recall information that was presented in a video than in text. Use this to your advantage and make a pitch.

Creative Video Builds Trust and Sales

Videos allow companies flexibility and creativity. Don’t just stop with your website — include videos with your email campaigns too. Including videos will increase both email open rates and click rates.

Additionally, videos build a connection and foster trust with potential customers. What better way of sharing what your business or service can do than by giving customers something to see? Seeing the product or service in action can answer potential questions and allows customers to visualize using the products themselves. Furthermore, businesses can use videos to provide knowledge, engage your customers, and retain their interest for future sales.

Incorporating videos on your website is a game-changer for any business. As a starting point, there are three main content ideas that are essential for any business: brand overview, client testimonial, and quick FAQ videos.

JL Video: Creating videos you can feel

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What is a SMART Goal?

Are you posting the smartest videos you can? When it comes to your brand’s video marketing strategy, you want to have SMART goals set — and we don’t just mean goals that are intelligent. What SMART goals come down to five attributes that every video marketing strategy should follow. Each letter in “SMART” stands for a different attribute your goal needs to have to be effective. Below are the five attributes that make up SMART goals. These are not only relevant for video marketing strategies, but also can be used throughout your business to set goals. By using these five goals for your business, you can ensure your goals are effective and implemented in your business.


Set a specific goal you want to accomplish through your videos. Ask yourself these questions: What do you want to achieve with your video? What kind of story do you want to tell? What are you hoping your audience will feel by watching this video? Why are you making this video in the first place?

It’s important to ask yourself and answer these questions when starting the video process. You always want to make sure your goal is more specific than “getting more views.”


Determine how you’ll measure success for your video marketing campaign. Do you want to capture a certain amount of leads with your video? Or perhaps your goal is to generate buzz or awareness on a new project? Or do you have a certain revenue goal?


Consider obstacles that may stand in your waywhen setting your goal. Examples of this are locations, talent, time constraints, or permits for filming by local authorities. Think ahead to avoid catastrophic complications. If you neglect to look at all the moving parts of a project,  you’re setting yourself up for failure.

With a professional video production company taking care of the shoot for you, many of these constraints can be easily taken care of.


Having relevant goals moves your team forward. Take time to consider these questions.

  • How does the video fit into the overall strategy of your current brand goals?
  • Will this video fit the personality of your brand?
  • Does the story you’re trying to tell line up with your brand values?
  • Does it align with any current projects?

If your video marketing campaign is not relevant to you, it won’t resonate with your potential clients.


Set a concrete deadline that you want this completed by. Make sure you tell other people on your team what your deadline is, that way t

hey can help keep you accountable to getting it done on time. Even without a hard deadline, it’s important to keep a sense of urgency around your video that way it doesn’t get lost in the endless lists of tasks to get done.

For a video marketing campaign, the SMART goal can also pertain to timeliness. For example, if your video was about social distancing and COVID-19 precautions, it may not be as relevant in the summer of 2021 as it was in 2020.

By keeping the project time-bound, you can ensure you’re getting your audience the information when it’s most important to them.

HubSpot Marketing Funnel | Video Marketing

Successful Video Marketing with SMART Goals

If you take the time to ask yourself the right questions and to prepare, you’ll find yourself being the smartest company on the block.

As always, if you want to learn about how to gain more customers and capture new clients through video marketing, please reach send us a message through the contact page. We will be happy to learn more about your business.

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Today we are talking about the silent hero of video: captions and transcriptions. Your viewers might be in a meeting, a car, class, or even sitting on a toilet when they watch your video. Wherever they may beyou want to make sure you don’t hinder their ability to get the most out of your videos. That’s why it’s crucial to add captions to your videos.
According to Digiday, up to 85 percent of videos on Facebook are viewed with the sound off. But that’s not the only reason to transcribe your videos and add captions to videos you post. Let’s break it down a little more.

Video Transcripts Increase Search Traffic

Search engines can’t watch a video or listen to audio, but they do index text. Transcripts enable search engines to ingest your multimedia content and index it accordingly.

One study by Live Clicker compared 37 webpages before and after adding transcripts. Pages with transcripts earned an average 16 percent more revenue than they did before transcripts were added.

Closed Captions videos also rank higher in search results. Unlike the other content in your video, closed captions come from a text file that your video references as it plays. That text file is readable by search engine bots and gives your video a higher ranking.

Add Captions to Video on YouTube

Discovery Digital Networks performed an experiment on their YouTube channel comparing videos with and without closed captions. They found that close-captioned videos have 7.3 percent more views on average than videos without closed captions.

In the same experiment, DDN proved that closed captions were indexed by search bots. The test was done by using a phrase that appeared nowhere in the video title, description, or metadata except for its captions. The video showed up fourth in search results on YouTube.

Engagement from Captions

The main way close captions increase viewership is because they keep the viewer engaged regardless of the access to audio. It’s especially important in mobile video viewing environments. Ready for some more data? Facebook found that captions increase video views by 12 percent compared with uncaptioned videos.

A study conducted by PLYMedia measured a 40 percent increase on views for captioned videos. They also found viewers were 80 percent of viewers more likely to watch a video to completion when closed captions were available.

With all of this research, it’s very clear that captions improve viewership on videos, regardless of the platform.

How to Use Transcriptions

Now, let’s move onto transcriptions. Transcriptions have multiple uses. Not many companies have time to write brand new content every day, which is why repurposing content is a vital technique in content marketing.

A high-quality video transcript can be shared on other mediums or used to create other types of content. Depending on the video’s subject a transcript can also create blog articles, guides, email campaigns, eBooks, and social media posts.

Video transcripts align with your SEO keyword strategy. A video transcript helps craft your SEO strategy each time you build a video’s page. If you are targeting keywords like “customized marketing logos” but “custom-made, artistic logos” is repeatedly spoken throughout the video, you should adjust your on-page video SEO elements to match this phrasing.

Transcriptions Improve Accessibility

If all this data isn’t enough for you, there’s one more reason to add transcripts to your videos, which is improved accessibility.

The World Health Organization reports that more than 466 million people in the world —or about 5 percent of the population — are affected by disabling hearing loss. This included an estimated 10 million people in the United States alone who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Captioning brings access to your video content this population which didn’t exist before.

Trust JL Video with Video Marketing

Video content is not just a trend — it’s a must. As social media video continues to grow in popularity, it’s absolutely crucial to add closed captioning whenever possible.

As always, if you want to learn about how to gain more customers and capture new clients through video marketing, please reach send us a message through the contact page. We will be happy to learn more about your business.

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